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Saving Communities

Bringing prosperity through freedom,
equality, local autonomy and respect for the commons.

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Where was Martin Luther King Heading?

General Contents

Fundamental Principles

Core Issues

Privilege: Democratic process, Land and resource monopoly, Money and banking privilege, Other monopoly privileges

Derivative Issues

Depressions: "Where Will You Stand in the Great Housing Crash?," "Who are the Real Experts?"

Economics: "Bastiat's Broken Window Error"

Taxes: from best to worst

Land Value Tax: Founder's plan, Why founders wanted land value tax, not sales tax, Endorsements

Property Tax,

Sales Tax,

Drink Tax 

Transportation, As a right, Importance of, How to fund, Privatization and plunder - railroads and streetcars


Bastiat's Broken Window Error

Documents (By Author)

Adams, Charles Francis: Letter endorsing land value tax, 1900

Baker, Ray Stannard: "Capital and Labor Hunt Together"

Browne, Harry: "If You Were King"

Butler, Benjamin F.: "Finance And Currency," 1869

Chodorov, Frank: "William N. McNair Had A Purpose"

Churchill, Winston: "Land and Income Taxes in the Budget"

Cord, Steven: "238 Studies on the Impact of Land Value Taxation"

Crane, Frank: "Delicacy - The Flavor Of All The Virtues"; "The Dog In The Manger"; "The Fanatic And The Idealist"; "Justice"; "What Did We Get For Our Money?"; "Theodore Roosevelt"

Darrow, Clarence: "How to Abolish Unfair Taxation"; "Henry George"; "The Land Belongs to the People"

Fortune Magazine: "Higher Taxes that Promote Development"

Gaffney, Mason: "Rising Inequality and Falling Property Tax Rates," [on farmland]; See also, masongaffney.org.

George, Henry: "How to Help the Unemployed"; "Labor in Pennsylvania"; The Standard, Vol. 1; "The Study of Political Economy"

Historical Documents: "How San Francisco Has Been Rebuilt" (1911)
Nock, Albert Jay: "The Gods' Lookout"; "Impostor-Terms"; "Our American Upper Class"; "The Liberal in the Dark"; "Thoughts on Utopia"

O'neill, Brian: "He wages computer war on wage tax"; "Though hard to believe, private transit was worse"; "Corrupt Pittsburgh politics: those were good ol' days"; "The door is open for more of a lift in city's revenue"

Plunkitt, George Washington: "Honest Graft and Dishonest Graft"

Post, Louis F.: "Socialism vs. Single Tax" [debate] (1903); The Ethics of Democracy;

Powderly, Terence: "Land - Transportation - Telegraphy"; "The Circulating Medium"; The Molly Maguires and the Knights of Labor

Simon, Herbert: Endorses LVT for Pittsburgh

Sinclair, Upton: "The Consequences of Land Speculation are Tenantry and Debt on the Farms, and Slums and Luxury in the Cities"

Sombart, Werner: "Why Is There No Socialism in United States?"

Sullivan, Dan: "Greens and Libertarians: The yin and yang of our political future"; Song Parodies

Williams, Percy: "The Pittsburgh Graded Tax Plan: Its History and Experience"  




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