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Our own endorsement page is under construction. Meanwhile, we refer you to the following pages from the Earthsharing website in Australia and to a list of endorsers from the website of the Center for the Study of Economics in Philadelphia:

Brief Endorsement Passages by Famous People

Almost all of these passages either endorse land value tax or oppose unlimited ownership of land.

Winston Churchill

Churchill once noted, "I have made speeches by the yard on the subject of land value taxation, and you know what a supporter I am of that policy." These are two of these speeches.

Clarence Darrow

This is one of Darrow's many speeches and articles in favor of land value tax. It is referred to here as "the single tax," because Darrow and others advocated getting rid of all other taxes.

Richard Cobden and Thorold Rogers on Taxation and Cost of Living

This page also contains a chart (derived from statements by Cobden and Rogers) showing how wages and leisure for the British people were highest when land rent paid most of the taxes.

Upton Sinclair: "The Consequences of Land Speculation"

This article was reprinted in a yearbook called "Enclaves of Economic Rent," which were intentional communities where everyone paid rent to a community corporation instead of taxes to a municipality.


This web page begins with an essay, "Tolstoy and Henry George," which contains many endorsing quotes by Tolstoy. Following the essay are other quotes by Tolstoy endorsing land value tax.

Thirty Prominent Economists (including four winners of the Nobel Prize)

This is a letter to Mikhail Gorbachev in 1990/1991, urging him to raise government revenue by charging rent for the use of land.

Center for the Study of Economics

This is a Microsoft Word document containing many endorsements of Land Value Tax from elected officials, urban planners, public policy advocates, ecologists, etc.

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